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Oue team at BSF Air Conditioning have built our reputation on consistent quality workmanship and providing exceptional air conditioning services to all our customers.

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Specialising in both split and ducted air conditioning installtions in Sydney, BSF Air Conditioning strives to ensure that the right product in always provided for every individual circumstance.

Time to save on your power bills?

Did you know air conditioning power consumption equates to approximately 40% of total consumption for a house old? Ensuring your system is running efficiently is a great way to reduce $$$ on your electricity bill

Time for an upgrade?

We understand not all budgets are the same, so we spend time with you to ensure you get the right air conditioning system at the right price.


We are your experts in residential installations, maintenance servicing and repairs

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Tailored maintenance on all HVAC assets, facility management & energy efficiency, Air Conditioning & ventilation projects & upgrades

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Did You Know?

You can avoid some allergies by using air conditioning. Dust mites and unclean air can cause allergies but air conditioners can help clean air from dust and pollen therefore reduces your chances of reacting badly.

Air conditioning is essential in Australia because heatwaves are our deadliest natural hazard.

Since cool air can’t carry as much moisture as warm air, the act of lowering the temperature of a room also draws the moisture out of it.
Air conditioners can help prevent mold and mildew growth.

With an abundance of knowledge in the industry, and a personalised service – you can rely on BSF for all your comfort needs.

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