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The significance of maintenance servicing on air conditioning systems, especially in our homes is often overlooked – At BSF, we are changing the way our clients look at air conditioning.

With the Australian climate the way it is, air conditioning plays an important role in our everyday lives and needs to be taken care of. Long term damage, wear and tear and health risks are associated with lack of maintenance. Systems can become a breeding ground for harmful mould, bacteria, and contaminants, major parts start to breakdown and before you know it – the cost to repair is often hefty.

Maintenance servicing does not just consist of ‘making sure’ everything is operating as designed but to also help prevent and in often cases eliminate the occurrence of faults and breakdowns.

Some of the work involved in air conditioning servicing includes:

  • Anti-bacterial treatments
  • Drain pan and trap cleans
  • Anti-Corrosion treatments
  • Filter replacements
As well as the inspection of all motors (fans), compressor/s, wiring, ductwork and fittings, air flow and temps, pressures and refrigerant charge, drainage, coils and filters etc etc…There is quite a bit to it.
Facts: Did you know most residential systems should be checked at least once a year! And even more frequent in commercial applications.